Disc Energizer

Disc Energizer

Enjoy an incredibly detailed and sonically rich experience!

Click here to watch a movie on the Disc Energizer.

EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™ in the Disc Energizer:

Instant audio and video performance upgrade in 5 secondswith AER Disc Energizer (DE).

The upgrade takes only 5 seconds. Once the disc is upgraded the effect will last for 120 minutes. With audio performance, the audio will be richer in midrange, deeper in bass and more crystal clear in treble. The stereo image will be exceptionally precise with a 3-dimensional sound image. Vocals will become more energetic with dynamic details. With video performance, movies will look remarkably 3-dimensional with revealing colors whereas the graphics will be more solid and the material texture will have much sharper details. These improvements are even more impressive when the resolution of the source data is higher, as in the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. Needless to say, the sound will be amazingly exciting.



Disc Energizer - $590.00 US dollar

2 year warranty

14 days money back guarantee

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